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5 Brilliant Reasons to Hire a Sustainability Copywriter

Updated: May 29, 2021

By now, you've probably heard of the phrase content is king. It's been pasted across sites all over the web, and for a good reason too! Words sell, and every business needs to take advantage of that.

But, quality copy is about more than just writing. It's about creating a brand identity, forging connections, and adding tangible value to your business.

If you've been thinking of hiring a sustainable copywriter for your eco-friendly business, there's no doubt that you should! You can have an incredible product that's revolutionised your industry, a website that's flawless in design and function, and photography that could be in the next issue of Vogue, but without the words to go with them, it all falls apart.

To explain more, here are five reasons you need to hire a sustainability copywriter and how it can transform your business.

1. Show Off Your Values and Create Connections

As an eco-friendly business, you have a fantastic advantage over non-sustainable competitors; your values! You believe in products and services that do good for the planet, and you want to leave behind as small a footprint as you can. That sort of message resonates with consumers.

In fact, 62% of Gen Z (who are now entering the workforce) will actively try to shop with sustainable brands, and 80% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands that put the importance of environmental and social issues above profits. So, whilst you're doing something you believe in, you've also landed on a branding goldmine.

To take advantage of the brilliant benefits that come from having steadfast sustainable values, you need to make sure your audience knows about them. This is where an eco-friendly copywriter comes in.

With engaging, to-the-point copy, you can show off the morals and ethics that make your brand your brand. You also have the chance to help consumers make more informed decisions about where they spend their money. You can educate, inspire, and connect with your audience, all by making it clear that you believe in a sustainable future.

2. Create a Strong Brand Identity

Although being sustainable may be a large part of your brand image, there's more to you than that (even if you don't know it yet!). A sustainability copywriter will draw that unique brand out and put it into words, breathing life into your business.

Rather than just being a company that sells plastic-free supplies, you become a fun friend who wants to help your customer on their eco-friendly journey. Or, instead of just being an environmental lawyer, you're now a superhero planet defender ready to take on anyone who stands in your client's way!

The point is, people want a brand that they can connect to and that makes them feel something. The job of a good writer is to take what's unique about you, give you a human voice, and turn your business into a brand that your audience relates to.

3. Boost Your SEO and Drive Organic Traffic

Another essential quality of an eco-friendly copywriter is SEO skills.

Whilst not all copywriters will know the ins and outs of this digital marketing method, some (like me!) do. So, what is SEO?

It stands for search engine optimisation, and it's a method of getting you noticed in search engine results pages and driving traffic to your website. If you've ever published a site, you'll know how easy it is to drown amongst the millions of other websites out there.

But, some secret tricks can make you more favourable in the eyes of Google. When done correctly, your site should start moving up the ranks and become more visible to the people searching for you. Considering the first three results on Google claim almost 60% of traffic, you can start to see why SEO is so important.

When writing your website and blogs, a good copywriter will keep this in mind. From using relevant keywords to optimising metadata, they should be pulling all the tricks out from their sleeve to help you gain visibility.

4. A Good Sustainability Copywriter Knows Their Stuff

There are plenty of regular, un-specialised copywriters out there. So, why pick a sustainability copywriter?

There are actually several reasons, but they (mostly) all come back to one thing: an eco-friendly copywriter knows their stuff.

Because they have a niche, they're writing for brands like yours day in, day out. They can call to mind useful facts to add to your content, they know what's worked in the past and what hasn't, and they're going to have some crazy in-depth knowledge on all sorts of eco topics! That means your content will be of a higher standard than if it was written by a non-specialist.

They're also going to know your audience already, which is a huge perk! Of course, the specific audience of a natural soap shop might be different to the people looking for eco-friendly drain cleaners, but the overarching theme is the same; your audience cares about the planet.

Your writer should be used to connecting with your audience already and know what they like, what inspires them, and how they connect with brands just like yours.

5. Hire Someone Who Believes in Your Brand

It helps when your writer is a believer in your brand. Sure, some sustainability copywriters out there might just be cashing in on a niche, but a lot of them will have the same eco-conscious values as you do!

I, for example, am a huge believer in shopping sustainably and constantly think about the impact of the things I buy. I always shop with vegan, plastic-free, sustainable brands where I can and pay attention to my carbon footprint. I am your audience! This can make a massive difference in the quality of writing you'll receive. If it comes from someone who believes in the same things you do, you're going to get passionate, inspired, and believable content.

What better way to sell your brand to your audience than with a writer who believes in what they're writing?

Start Working With a Sustainability Copywriter

These benefits are just scratching the surface of what a brilliant eco-conscious copywriter can do for you - trust me, I could've gone on for thousands of words! But, it's enough for you to get the point. As an eco-friendly brand, you need a copywriter who knows what they're talking about.

If that's what you're looking for, then here I am! I'm Jess, and I provide eco-friendly copywriting for brands with planet-friendly morals. If you're thinking about hiring a writer to join your team, be sure to find out more about me and get in touch today!

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