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About Captured Writing

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Who Am I?

My name's Jess and I'm the face behind Captured Writing.

I started this business when I was just 18 and fresh out of college. Now 23, I've been running it for six years as a full-time career that's grown as I have.


I started out as a freelance content writer mainly working for digital marketing agencies and the odd independent business. But as my life became more focused on sustainability and I became more aware of my impact on the planet, the work I was doing started to feel empty and lacking in purpose. That's when I shifted gear and rebranded as a sustainable content writer; cue Captured Writing 2.0!

Why Hire Me?

Big Leaf
Big Leaf

After five years as a freelance copywriter, I have plenty of experience. I've worked with over 40 digital marketing agencies, countless brands, and have written thousands of pages of copy and blogs - literally!


 Working with agencies gave me an insight into how content factors into the broader marketing strategy. I've learnt how to apply SEO techniques to my writing to boost the visibility of websites, how to create audience-focused content that's full of value, and the art of bringing a brand to life with words alone. Whilst working for agencies wasn't always my favourite, it certainly taught me a lot. 

Because I believe in sustainability, the chances are that I'll believe in your brand. I've learnt that that makes such a difference in copywriting; believing in what you're writing transforms the entire feel of a piece. I'm passionate about living a life that has less of a negative impact and teaching others about how they can do the same. As a brand with such an important message to share and steadfast values, you need a writer who believes in them just as much as you do to stand out. 

Big Leaf
Big Leaf


Gary Cottam

Double Spark

“We wouldn't hesitate to recommend employing Captured Writing to write your online content. Jessica writes clearly and precisely on a variety of topics which are well-researched and she consistently meets deadlines. She's a pleasure to work with and produces top quality content” 

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