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Sustainable Content Writing

Eco-Friendly Blogging

Big Leaf
Big Leaf

A blog has a whole heap of benefits for a brand, including:

  • Helping you to connect with your audience and create long-lasting relationships

  • Boosting your SEO to make your website easier to find in Google

  • Creating a solid and relatable brand image

  • Showing off your expertise and knowledge in your industry


Honestly, I could go on for days about the benefits of having a blog! But, rather than going on about it, why not let me show you?


I can help you create a topic plan and write blogs that are engaging, informative, and have an eco-friendly focus. I'll be sure to reflect your brand image and tone of voice (or help you develop one) and create super shareable content that's going to bring in an audience. 

Sustainable Copywriting

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have, and the writing on it should reflect that. 

When you work with me, I can create website copy that sells who you are and the eco-friendly values you stand for, all the while convincing your audience that you're the brand they need.

Your copy will have a clear voice that's in line with your brand, direct your audience through your website, and convert browsers into customers. That's just what I do!

Big Leaf
Big Leaf

Editing and SEO

Aside from being a blogger and copywriter for sustainable brands, I also offer editing and SEO.

If you already have content that just needs a writers eye to go over it, I'm happy to help! I can check for grammatical and spelling errors, and make your writing easier to read (if it needs it, of course).

After working for five years with digital marketing agencies, I've picked up some SEO (search engine optimisation) knowledge. I can apply this to your sustainable copywriting to bump your website up the search results of Google, helping you reach those coveted top spots for relevant search terms. 

Big Leaf
Big Leaf
Big Leaf

With a range of services to cover your copy needs, I can make sure your business doesn't just exist but makes a statement. Whatever you want to say, these services will help you say it.

My Rates

My rates can vary for projects with special requirements, so this is a guideline for what you can expect. For editing, I'll quote after seeing the original work as different pieces will require different lengths of time.

  • 500 word blog post - £35

  • 1000 word blog post - £60

  • 500 word website copy - £40

  • 1000 word website copy - £70

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